Flexible waterproofing for concrete joints

The way to a better waterstop.

Waterstops represent a critical component of any waterproofing system. Due to shrinkage and settling, the surfaces of a concrete cold joint will never perfectly conform to one another. Without a flexible barrier that can accommodate the imperfections  of concrete surfaces, water will have the opportunity to creep in through the seam.


The GCP advantage

Our waterstops are specifically designed to resist job-site conditions while outperforming other solutions. These waterstops offer innovative technology options  to meet a wide variety of project needs. This includes tricky or problematic installations where technical finesse is required. No matter the project, we have a waterstop that’s ideal for the job.

Waterstop Solutions

Our solutions incorporate advanced materials that prevent water infiltration in ways that other waterstops can't.  Novel engineering technologies result in waterstops that conform more securely to concrete surfaces, last longer and provide more flexibility to contractors. For more information about these and other waterstop solutions, contact GCP today.


An advanced hydrophilic waterstop that's compatible with all of our  industry-leading waterproofing membranes. ADCOR® is engineered to expand when it comes in contact with water. The material seals against concrete faces when encapsulated and resists water infiltration through a cold joint.

INJECTO® Tube Groutable Hose Waterstop System

An injectable waterstop system that provides a passageway for a variety of chemical grouts. The system is designed to be laid down before concrete is poured, but not injected until well after it has cured. This allows the cracks created by shrinkage during the curing process to fully open. The resulting interfaces and voids can then be permanently sealed.

TRIOject® Multiple Grout Injection Hose

Comprised of a three-channel PVC-hose, TRIOject® allows for multiple grout injections in a more durable enclosure. Each of the three grout channels contains micro holes that prevent water from getting in, but allow grout to escape. The system is protected by a steel mesh on top, as well as a foam pad on the bottom that conforms to the concrete surface.  Crucially, the three-channel TRIOject® design lets builders inject the same cold joint multiple times—a best-in-class solution for a critical or problematic application.