GCP’s products and services work together to create safer, more durable and more efficient structures. They improve the performance and efficiency of our built environment – including homes and schools, offices and factories, roads and sidewalks, bridges and tunnels.

Through energy efficiency and a reduction in material use, we lower costs for our customers while reducing their use of natural resources.

Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable design creates buildings that are beautiful and functional, with improved social and environmental performance, while saving money through more efficient use of energy and materials.  Sustainable buildings safeguard human health and safety; minimise negative environmental impacts; exhibit resilience during severe weather; and extend the structure’s useful life.

Many GCP products help to achieve these outcomes. Our Passive Fire Protection products prevent or delay the collapse of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire – providing additional time for occupants to escape and for emergency response. GCP Air Barriers and Weather Resistive Barriers reduce energy use for heating and cooling and help to prevent rot and mold growth. Roofing underlayments, and below-grade waterproofing help to protect the buildings on which they are installed, particularly during storm activity.

Cement Additives and Concrete Admixtures

GCP products can improve environmental performance for our cement and concrete customers. Our Grinding Aids and Quality Improvers make cement manufacturing more efficient, reducing carbon emissions. Our concrete admixtures reduce the amount of cement needed to achieve a given strength specification.  Other products reduce quarry waste, lower total project costs, and enhance worker safety.

VERIFI® In-Transit Concrete Management System

GCP is at the forefront of using “connected devices” to save customers time and money – while improving environmental and safety performance. Our patented VERIFI® technology uses truck-mounted sensors, advanced data analytics, and automated admixture inputs so that ready-mix concrete moves from the plant to the job site more efficiently and with minimal waste. VERIFI® provides customers with several financial and sustainability advantages: 

  • Improved quality control enables customers to meet strict performance requirements without the need to over design mixes with unnecessary cement.
  • More accurate inputs of water and additives reduce the number of rejected concrete loads, and their associated costs and environmental impacts.
  • Fewer concrete drum rotations on the way to the job site can lead to substantial fuel savings – bringing costs and environmental impacts down even further.