DE NEEF® waterproofing injection solutions

Leaks stop here: Fast, proven, durable.

Fastest, most durable and effective leak sealing solution.

The DE NEEF® portfolio provides waterproofing injection solutions that stop leaks under any circumstances and in any application--foundations, infrastructure and more. Nobody plans for a leak, so when one occurs it usually represents a cost overrun and a setback for a construction project. The ability to quickly and permanently stop a leak in any part of a construction is therefore invaluable for contractors and owners.


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In its uncured form, HA Flex SLV AF is a yellow, non-flammable liquid without phthalate plasticisers. HA Flex SLV AF is a next generation 1-component injection resin with improved waterproofing performance.

Key Benefits
  • Next generation resin with improved waterproofing performance.
  • Improved cell structure of the cured compound resulting in better mechanical properties and durability.
  • Non-phthalate resin REACH compliant.
Application Type
  • For stopping water leaks through joints between tunnel segments.
  • For injection of the LDPE or HDPE membrane in tunnel constructions.
  • For curtain injections behind tunnel segments

HA SAFEFOAM™ NF is a single component, phthalate free, low viscosity, hydrophilic, polyurethane resin. 

Key Benefits
  • ADR free transport
  • Phthalate free resin, REACH compliant
  • Non-flammable
Application Type
  • For sealing dry, moving, non-structural cracks
  • For sealing moist, moving non-structural cracks 
  • For sealing water leaks between the joints of concrete tunnel segments

Seal leaks almost as fast as they appear

The major advantages of DE NEEF® products include the fact that they are easy to use, are not diluted and can be applied quickly and reliably. The portfolio is mostly based on single-component, closed cell, hydrophobic polyurethanes, which are both durable and lasting. Therefore, leaks that are stopped once will remain stopped. For taking care of leaks that slow down the progress of a job site, endanger the future of a construction, or prevent full use of a building, DE NEEF® has become the world's most trusted brand.

Solutions for every leak

DE NEEF® has a variety of formulations for a number of different applications:

  • For owners who need to repair and maintain buildings and infrastructure projects

  • For contractors who need to shore up deep foundations during excavation

  • For installers and applicators who are charged with specialised leak repair

In every case, there's a DE NEEF® solution that's best-suited for the task at hand—including deep foundations, underground spaces, tunnels, mass rapid transport infrastructure and sewer repair applications.

Solutions for every structure

Concrete or masonry—no matter which type of construction, DE NEEF® can fix the leak. From the ground breaking through completion, DE NEEF® products can be used for soil injections and water control and remediation. DE NEEF® solutions can also be used during excavation or tunnel boring. DE NEEF® products can be used in every stage of underground construction.

Certified around the globe

We have done extensive testing of DE NEEF® products to ensure that performance claims are backed up in the field. DE NEEF® products have multiple certification levels including CE certification for use in the European Union, and have potable water certifications from around the world.

Supported globally, available locally

No two leaks are exactly the same—the only thing that any two leaks have in common is that they have to be fixed as fast as possible. The DE NEEF® portfolio offers solutions for all possible challenges in leak sealing and soil injections. With local availability, there's no waiting for the product to arrive—DE NEEF® is readily available.

With a global sales and technical support staff, contractors can trust that DE NEEF® solutions will perform. Don't wait for leaks to slow you down—contact GCP today to learn how to use DE NEEF® on your project.

Leaks Stop Here. Fast. Proven. Durable.