The CHEMFLOOR range is our GCP epoxy solution including CHEMFLOOR 100, a solvent free epoxy coating, CHEMFLOOR FK200, a premium quality, multi-purpose and high solids system. Finally, we also offer the CHEMFLOOR Novolac HS, a low viscosity and high performance coating system.

NUTHANE® SBM designed for the Australasian food industry.

This ALLNEX system is an industrial grade floor topping system specifically designed for the Australasian food industry. This solution produces a floor that is hard and durable, resistant to impact, abrasion, thermal shock and chemicals or food acids, yet is non-porous, hygienic and easily cleaned. It has gloss or matt finishes.

NUTHANE® SBM System Data Sheet
NUTHANE® Top Coat Gloss Data Sheet

SURECOTE® 200 for heavy duty epoxy floor coatings.

This solution is designed for use over concrete floors and drains where protection from corrosion and chemical attack is required. It is a 100% solids self-levelling, high build epoxy coatings.

SURECOTE® 200 System Data Sheet


SUPASCREED for prevention of corrosion. 

Supascreed system has been specifically formulated as trowel-applied coatings for the prevention of corrosion in concrete surfaces, especially in strong chemical environments. This can be used in fibreglass laminations (horizontal and vertical) and in aggregate filled (horizontal) applications onto concrete surfaces.

Supascreed System Data Sheet