Liquid waterproofing

High performance, fast curing, liquid applied, seamless protection

GCP liquid waterproofing products offer high performance with unique characteristics. Liquid waterproofing is cold-applied and cures quickly allowing construction sites to quickly return to full operation.



Silcor® is a high-performing cold-applied, seamless waterproofing system for podium decks, green roofs and terraces. The range of products include both spray and hand applied. The Silcor 900 series is generally foot-trafficable in under two hours, depending on application. The polymeric structure accommodates most designs without compromising waterproofing performance and while being fully compatible with other GCP waterproofing solutions.


Adprufe® is an innovative liquid admixture that significantly reduces both the permeability and drying shrinkage of concrete. When used in combination with ADVA® superplasticisers, this enhanced concrete performance reduces water absorption and penetration providing a significant reduction in drying shrinkage which produces fewer and thinner cracks.

Servidek™ and Servipak™

Designed specifically for deck waterproofing, Servidek™ consists of a cold-applied waterproofing system that consists of a rubber/bitumen compound with a protection board, Servipak™, applied on top. Servipak™ is designed for heavy duty and is capable of accepting sand carpet and hot rolled asphalt. Servidek™/Servipak™ is both robust and fast-curing, with Servidek serving as both a waterproofing membrane and an adhesive for Servipak™. The combined system is able to accept road laying equipment in just four hours. Lastly, Servidek™ conforms to irregularity in the substrate surface, while Servipak™ allows indentation in the base coarse aggregate in order to provide resistance to braking.