3-component poly-acrylate gel for tube injections

Product Description

GELACRYL TI is a special 3-component poly-acrylate injection resin developed specifically for injection of preventative injection tubes. The viscosity does not increase momentarily as with other Gelacryl resins but builds up in linear fashion to allow optimal control of the re-injection process. GELACRYL TI has excellent adherence to the surface and has a post-expansion of up to 350% of the original volume in contact with water.

Field of Application

Injection and re-injection of preventative injection tubes.

Product Advantages

  • Easy to use 3-component system
  • Long gel time allows controlled injections
  • Linear viscosity increase allows re-injection process to be monitored
  • Post-expansion up to 350% in contact with water


1. Resin preparation

  • Add the complete contents of Component A2 (small plastic bottle) to Component A1 (large plastic jerry can). Mix thoroughly.
  • Prepare the B-component by filling a container with the same quantity of water as the mixed A-component (9.45 ltr). Add Component B1 to the water and mix for 3 minutes.
  • The prepared components are pumped with a 1:1 ratio injection pump IP 2C-Gel.

2. Injection

  • Connect the pump to the entrance port of the injection tube.
  • Fill the tube with resin, when resin comes out of the exit port, this port is closed with a conical packer or wedge.
  • Start injection by slightly increasing the pressure until the resin starts to flow.
  • When the resin is expelled from the joint, stop the injection and allow the resin to react for 3-5 minutes.
  • After waiting 3-5 minutes, the viscosity will have sufficiently increased to prevent flow of the material. The tube is now injected with fresh material to push the reacted material into the joint and fill all cavities.


3. Re-injection

  • When re-injection is required, the tube needs to be flushed under low pressure with water. This needs to be done within the gel time of the resin.

4. Gel Times

Gel Time A-component:
A1 + A2 (L)
Water (L)
B1 (Units)
5’ 9.45 9.45 2
10’ 9.45 9.45 1

Technical Data / Properties

Property Value
Viscosity (25°C) approx. 20 mPas
Density (20°C) 1.12kg / dm3
Solids 42%
Viscosity (25°C) approx. 3 mPas
Density (20°C) approx. 0.95kg / dm3
Solids 100%
Mix A1 + A2  
Viscosity (25°C) approx. 18 mPas
Density (20°C) 1.1 kg/dm3
Pot Life (20°C) 30 minutes


The mixed material cures into a flexible gel.

  • Component A1: Transparent liquid
  • Component A2: Transparent liquid
  • Component B1: White salt


Has to be estimated by the engineer or operator and depends on width and depth of the cracks and voids to be filled.


  • GELACRYL TI A1 10kg blue plastic jerry can
  • GELACRYL TI A2 0.5kg white plastic bottle
  • GELACRYL TI 25g plastic bottle


GELACRYL TI A1, A2 and B1 should be stored in a frost free environment under cover, clear of the ground, in the original closed packaging. Storage temperature must be below 35°C. Shelf life: 1 year.


To be ordered separately

  • IP 2C-Gel air driven twin piston pump.
  • Packers and connectors.

(Please consult the relevant data sheet).

Health and Safety

GELACRYL TI Component A1 is classified as irritating. GELACRYL TI Component A2 is classified as harmful. Always wear appropriate protective gear: rubber gloves, goggles and boots. In case of contact with the eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes. If swallowed, call a physician immediately.
For full information, consult the relevant Material Safety Data Sheets.


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