CLARENA® aggregate clay management solution

Enable consistent concrete performance

Control for the effect of clays in aggregates

Here's a fact that both aggregate and ready mix concrete producers know: clay is unpredictable. Clay coatings on coarse aggregates can either affect the hydration reaction, or prevent cement paste from sticking to the aggregate. Both of these problems can cause concrete to fail. CLARENA® aggregate clay management solution is designed to deliver a solution.



CLARENA® is a chemical additive that mitigates the effects of clay. Aggregate and ready mix producers can know that each batch of concrete will perform consistently, even if clay is present in the initial mixture. CLARENA® also helps provide materials flexibility and cost savings. In short, CLARENA® gives producers better control over their material, while ensuring that less of it is lost to waste.

Convert waste into revenue

High-quality aggregates are diminishing worldwide. Quarry reserves are often contaminated with clay, which has made using these reserves a costly proposition for concrete producers.

CLARENA® therefore helps quarry owners extend the functional lifespan of their property. By mitigating clay, reserves that would otherwise be discarded can be safely used without endangering the performance of concrete. As an additive, CLARENA® is easier to use and more effective than mechanical or equipment solutions.

Get a great-performing mix

For ready mix producers, CLARENA® adds controllability to concretes containing aggregates with a high clay content. This concrete becomes more workable and finishable, and it both flows and pumps more easily. CLARENA® also helps control air entrainment variability, and produces concrete that exhibits excellent slump retention. The superior finishing characteristics make the  concrete suitable for commercial and residential flatwork and formed concrete.

Contact GCP for global support

The kind of clays found in concrete aggregates vary region by region. CLARENA® is effective against a number of clays found worldwide. To learn the best CLARENA® admixture for your region, contact GCP global support.